Vacuum Blackhead Remover - How to Use

Step 1 - Pre Use Prep 

We recommend you ensure the pores are opened and the skin is softened prior to useage. We would therefore suggest you apply a hot towel to the surface of the face and keepi it positioned for 5-10 minutes. 

Step 2 -  Determine which suction tip you require 

Small Round Head 

  • Stronger and isolated suction which makes it perfect for more sensitive areas.
  • Ideal for small crevices such as the ditch of your nose 

Medium Round Head 

  • Micro-massages and allows for manageable, smaller suction to encourage the removal of blackheads within sensitive areas. 
  • Perfect for areas such as the corner of mouth or corner of eyes.

Large Round Head 

  • Stronger suction and larger area coverage which serves perfectly for stubborn blackheads on areas such as the nose. 
  • Great for also removing grease, makeup, cosmetic residue etc. 

Oval Head 

  • Isolates particular areas of concern and has a smaller suction to aid with the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Suggested for sensitive areas such as the eyes and around the mouth.

Microcrystalline Head 

  • Open pores and gently exfoliates to remove dead skin allowing for the brightening and lifting of skin 
  • Sufficient for all areas of face; although special care is advised around any sensitive or damaged/broken skin. 

Step 3 - Useage

Once the preferred head is chosen, ensure the desired intesity is selected and gently move around the required areas of the face. 

*Important to note* - do not leave device on the same area of the skin for a prolonged period of time as could cause subsequent damage or irritation. 

Upon completion of use, wash face with necessary cleanser/toner to close pores.