Rechargeable Foot Pedicure Device - Features & Specifications


  • New & Improved rotary gear design allowing for effective removal of skin over a larger surface area.
  • 3x quartz sand heads; 1. Coarse grinding head is suitable for any stubbourn skin 2. Medium grinding head is suitable for rough skin. 3. Fine grinding head is suitable for frequent/daily care
  • 2x adjustable speeds: 1.1700 rmp at low speed (suitable for daily care or minor dead skin). 2. 2200 rmp at high speed (suitable for stubbourn/
  • Built in suction vacuum which draws in the skin particles as they are removed from the foot and stored into a vacuum box allowing for easy dispoal after us. 
  • LCD Display indicating charge percentage + speed. 


  • Rechargeable Battery. Micro USB Charge. Cable included 
  • Number of pieces; One Unit 
  • Number of parts included; Three replacement heads + one cleaning brush
  • Waterproof 
  • Charge time; Two and a half hours 
  • Use Time; Two and a half hours