O' TWO 'O Ultrafine Eyebrow Pencil - How To use

Step 1 

To make it easier, we would suggest that you start off by creating 3x dots on different sections of your upper brow; 2 at either end and one in the middle.

Repeat the same process as above but this time, make the 3 dots on your lower brow; again, 2 dots at either end and one in the middle. 

Once you have made a total of 6x dots along each brow, join the dots together. 


    Step 2

    Upon completion of step 1, you will now effectively have a stensil type outline along the perimeter of the top and bottom of your brow. Use this as a guideline to pencil within all parts of your brow, with the aim of filling in all areas and creating a feather like effect as you stroke the pencil across the entire brow 

    Step 3

    Finally, with use of the brush end of the pencil, brush through your brows to create a contoured, sleek look and shape as desired.