Beauty Loft Silk Curling Headband - How To use

Who knew natural, heat free curls could be achieved so easily?

Step 1  

Place our curling ribbon on top of dry or damp hair. We would then suggest securing it in place with our favourite Beauty Loft coloured hair clip. 

Step 2

Create a central parting down your hair and begin to wrap half of it around the curling rod, starting from the top and working your way down. Secure into place with a scrunchie and repeat on the other side. 

Step 3

Allow the hair to either dry or set overnight (or within a sufficient timeframe of at least 4 hours). 

Step 4

To remove, take off the the scrunchies and loosen the hair, which will in turn release it from the ribbon. Once released, lift the curling rod above your head and this should allow your hair to flow freely. 

Step 5

Zhuzh up your hair by running your fingers through it and style as preferred.