7 Piece Eye and Highlight Brush Set - Features & Specifications


See below email for a description of all types of brushes available. 

1. Highlighter brush - Get the glow and highlight of the century. 

2. Fluffy, Blend and Transition Brush(s) - Here to cover all your bases and give you that pro like contour. 

3. Shade, Medium Eyeshadow and Smudge Brush(s) - these will be your best friends for the best blends! 


  • Eco-friendly soft & natural synthetic hair
  • Antimicrobial fibres 
  • No shedding 
  • Ultra soft
  • Perfect for blending and application of products. 
  • Durable, corrosion resistent metal applied to the section connecting both the brush head and handle together. 
  • Iridescent coated acrylic handle 
  • PU material travel bag