7 in 1 Facial Rejuvenator - How to Use

Explanation of 7x Modes 

Clean Mode

The use of warm heat encourages the pores to open which makes for perfect cleansing and detoxifying of the face. Coupled with this, the high frequency vibration allows for the gentle yet effective removal of dirt/grime/grease/makeup etc. 

RF Mode (Red light Mode) 

Red light mode is perfect for improving blood circulation and enhancing new skin cell production, The warmth and vibration provided by this mode increases blood circulation which in turn, will diminsh existing fine lines or wrinkles, tighten skin and promote further collagen production and skin elasticity. 

Acne-T Mode (Blue Light Mode) 

Ideal mode for the treatment of acne or oily skin. The blue light works as an anti-inflammatory component and helps with the suppresion of oil and bacteria which contribute to the devleopment of acne. It withdraws any excess sebum or bacteria from deep within the pores of the skin which will prevent any future acne issues or concerns. 

Whiten Mode (Orange Light Mode) 

The orange light within this mode improves cell oxygenation and replenishes cellular energy. It is effective at treating any redness, swelling or inflamed areas of the face, making them brighter and much more radiant. 

Import Mode

Rapid absorpotion of cosmetics such as any moisturisers or serums are encouraged with this mode. Microelectric ion's are combined with heat and vibration so that your chosen cosmetics are fully absorbed into the multiple layers of your skin, resulting in significant hydration and fullness. 

EMS Up Mode 

The EMS micro-current massage mode uses a weak current to stimulate facial muscles which improve the firmness, tension and elasticity of your skin. It fully restores skin radiance and fights against any loose or wrinkled areas and makes your face firmer and more refined. 

Eye Care Mode 

Promotes thorough absorption of desired eye cream which subsequently relieves eye fatigue, fine lines or wrinkles. It is a soft and delicate mode which ensures extra care is provided to the sensitive skin around the eyes.